API Integrations

Integrations and Automations

Stop Wasting Time, Money and Employee Hours on Social Media

We are publishers ourselves and automating systems to better focus on creative and administration was essential in driving business and growth.

Bulky systems and employees managing them is a cost. Fortunately, we do not support long-term costs. So we cut them.

What We Do:

– Social Media API Integrations (FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Mailchimp)
– Optimize Creative Pipeline
– Creative Production
– Creative Upload
– Creative Delivery
– Optimize Post Actions
– Post Format
– Post Scheduling

Kurt Sather
CEO – Show Me Television

I’m a startup executive specializing in brand development and aim to build companies around automated systems and workflows. My passion is to de-prioritize mundane, never-ending actionables’ in favor of interesting tasks.

Enjoy our automated approach to social media output.

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